A Smart-Heart ecosystem to improve self-management behaviours in people with heart failure

As part of an NHMRC-funded IDEAS grant, we have two scholarship positions for PhD candidates to join the digital health team. Our IDEAS grant aims to design, develop and evaluate a Smart-Heart ecosystem to support self-management for people living with heart failure.

Project supervisor(s)

Professor Ralph Maddison

The Smart-Heart ecosystem will enable individualised monitoring of symptoms, and adherence to medications and healthy lifestyle behaviours, via a comprehensive network of internet-connected sensors. Predictive modelling will anticipate the need for medical and self-management support and will provide feedback and alerts to patients, carers and/or healthcare providers when needed. Key behaviour change techniques, gamification, and tailored information will be integrated to maximise effectives, and facilitate empowerment, uptake and engagement, leading to improved self-management and health outcomes.

We are seeking PhD candidates interested in working on Smart Heart-related topics, which can include:

  • Understanding optimal intervention features for a Smart Heart ecosystem;
  • How to engage people to use a Smart Heart ecosystem for supporting self-management; and
  • Exploring the role of digital health literacy.

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree with first class Honours degree or equivalent Master’s degree with a substantial research component in a relevant field including health sciences, psychology, or information technology. Please refer to the entry pathways to higher degrees by research for further information.

There are two scholarships available for this project. The position is open to domestic and international students currently living in Australia.

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