Exploring barriers and facilitators of effective postpartum healthcare of immigrant women in Australia


Deakin University, Burwood

The postpartum period is a critical time for supporting the health of women following childbirth. It is also a challenging time for engaging women in healthcare, lifestyle programs and maternal and child health services. Immigrant women who have given birth in Australia are a particularly vulnerable group of women, who are often at risk of complications and adverse health outcomes following childbirth. Often, difficulties in accessing healthcare are encountered by immigrant women. This PhD will target a critical gap in understanding postpartum healthcare for immigrant women in Australia and explore the barriers and facilitators to immigrant women accessing and receiving adequate healthcare following pregnancy.

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in maternal and child health and an understanding of health disparities and challenges faced by immigrant women. This PhD will be a mixed-methods approach and will include primary data collection through interviews with immigrant women and healthcare providers.

Interested students must be based in Australia, eligible for enrolment in a PhD program at Deakin University and eligible to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent. Please refer to the entry pathways to higher degrees by research for furtherĀ information. We will work with suitably qualified applicants to apply for scholarship funding.

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