Understanding school food literacy education in Australia and internationally

The ‘Growing a Transnational Food Literacy Education Partnership’ project brings together researchers from Canada, the USA, Australia and Sweden for collective impact to enable comparative analyses of approaches to food literacy education across Early Childhood to Year 12 classrooms, to discern strategies for teaching and learning about food literacy that are locally responsive, and to develop approaches that support food citizenship.

Project supervisor(s)

Dr Alison Booth and Dr Claire Margerison

The aims of this PhD project are:

  1. i) Investigating school food and nutrition environments and explore different approaches to food literacy education in primary and secondary schools.
  2. ii) Developing sustainable professional development programs for teachers in food and nutrition education in partnership with relevant national and state authorities.

These will include the conduct of qualitative and survey studies of key stakeholders at primary and secondary school levels.


Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree with first class honours (or equivalent) in a relevant field. Interested students must meet Deakin University’s PhD entry requirements and be eligible to apply for an Australian Post Graduate Award or equivalent.

Potential scholarships available. Opportunity open to domestic and international students living in Australia.


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