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Am I too old to build muscle? What science says about sarcopenia and building strength later in life

Experts in muscle loss, A/Prof David Scott and Prof Robin Daly, say it's never too late to start weight training and protect yourself against sarcopenia.

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Nutrition, sustainability and affordability on the menu – improving food provision in early childhood care

Learning and development in childcare starts with good nutrition - and dietitians play an important role in helping to set Australian children on a path to better lifelong health.


Screening for vitamin C levels could improve diabetes outcomes

People with diabetes should be routinely screened for vitamin C deficiency as new research reveals it may help reduce the risk of complications from the disease.

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Make a difference in health research – Join IPAN’s Consumer Network!

The IPAN Consumer Network is a way for people of all ages and backgrounds to share their lived experience to help inform research for use in the real world.


Experts sound alarm on ‘predatory’ and ‘exploitative’ baby formula industry

As part of a special three-paper series published in The Lancet, Dr Phillip Baker argues that baby milk formula companies are exploiting parents' emotions to generate sales.

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8 everyday foods you might not realise are ultra processed – and how to spot them

Ultra-processed is not just another name for junk – although foods like soft drinks, confectionery and chips are ultra-processed. There are many packaged foods we’d normally consider healthy that are ultra-processed.


Dr Patrick Owen

New road to recovery for ACL injuries

Operations may not be necessary for the common knee injury as study finds ‘rehabilitation first’ could have similar benefits to surgery for Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.


Deakin to lead new Clinical Guidelines for overweight and obesity

About 14 million Australians are living with overweight or obesity. A team of Deakin researchers from IPAN and the Institute for Health Transformation (IHT) are leading a much-needed review of our clinical guidelines to manage overweight and obesity, focusing on early intervention.

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Man standing on a walking track holding two dumbells in each hand

New guidelines to help diagnose and treat muscle loss in elderly

A new set of international guidelines aims to improve the clinical treatment of muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, a common condition in older adults that severely impacts quality of life and increases the risk of falls. 


Image of man dressed as Santa Clause eating choc chip cookies with a glass of milk

Your tendency to overindulge these holidays could relate to your ‘eating personality’. Which type are you?

Holidays are a time when lots of us tend to overindulge in food and drink, and many people gain weight. Dr Georgie Russell and Emeritus Professor Alan Russell explain how understanding your 'eating personality' can help avoid overindulgence over the festive season.


Dairy aisle in a supermarket

Misleading food labels contribute to babies and toddlers eating too much sugar. 3 things parents can do

Research shows that Australian infants and toddlers are eating unhealthy amounts of sugar.


What is the ‘carnivore diet’ and is it a bad idea?

Dr Katherine Livingstone looks at how much meat is too much in a piece for The Conversation.