BeUpstanding: Supporting workers to sit less and move more for their health and wellbeing

Excessive sitting is now an acknowledged contributor to risk of major chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in particular), with desk-based workers identified as a large and growing at risk population sub-group.

Building on the evidence base from epidemiological, experimental, and field-based interventions, the critical next stage in knowledge generation is to evaluate the wide-scale implementation of effective interventions in the workplace setting.

The BeUpstanding™ program ( is a web-based program, developed with workplace policy and practice stakeholders, that supports desk-based work teams to sit less and move more, for better health and wellbeing. The program is currently being evaluated through an NHMRC-fundednational implementation trial being led by researchers at the University of Queensland, in partnership with Deakin University and Baker Institute researchers. Findings from the implementation trial will inform future wide-scale dissemination efforts, as well as national and international policy and practice.