New pathways to understanding factors that affect muscle mass

Having discovered that disrupting the production of lipids within mitochondria causes loss of muscle mass, Associate Professor Clinton Bruce is hoping to better understand the process through his four-year Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

As we age, our muscle mass rapidly declines, often leading to poorer overall health and greater risk of diseases such as diabetes. But how can we prevent loss of muscle mass in conditions where this has previously been thought of as unavoidable? Associate Professor Bruce’s studies aim to characterise a new pathway that he and his team have identified as being important in regulating muscle size.

Associate Professor Bruce commenced his study in 2017 to better understand the process. He hopes the study will help researchers learn more about how muscle mass is regulated.

“By characterising this newly identified pathway, these findings will advance our current understanding of the factors that control muscle mass. Hopefully this will help to identify new ways by which we can maintain muscle mass in states that are associated with muscle wasting such as ageing,” he said.