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IPAN’s Dr Katherine Livingstone recognised as a Victorian Young Tall Poppy

IPAN’s Dr Katherine Livingstone is one of three Deakin researchers to be recognised as a Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award winner.

Institute news

The rise of ultra-processed foods and why they’re really bad for our health

Many traditional foods used in cooking today are processed in some way, such as grains, cheeses, dried fish and fermented vegetables, but processing itself is not the problem.

Research news

Getting the balance right to manage stress

Most people know that too much stress can have detrimental impacts on your health, but new Deakin research shows how you react to stress is also worth considering. 


How to boost your fruit and veg intake

Most of us know we should be eating five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit each day – but how many of us actually achieve it?


Kids in the kitchen: how the experts teach their kids about healthy eating

Ensuring kids are eating and learning about nutritious foods is a challenge at the best of times – but even more so while many parents are working from home...


The importance of learning about food and nutrition in school

We all eat. It can be easy to assume that we know what is best when it comes to food, both for ourselves and our families. Contradictory to this...


It’s not just the salt shaker’s fault! Where else is our salt coming from?

  It’s well known that as a population we eat too much salt.  This can have serious consequences as it increases our risk of developing high blood pressure and...


Getting dads on board to keep kids healthy

A new study has found dads might need a confidence boost to persist with healthy food and drinks for their growing children By the time their baby has turned...


Understanding how food affects your mood

The dreaded sugar crash following your 3.30 sugar pick-me-up, or the post-lunch slump- most of us have faced the effects food can have on our mood and body function....


Are nuts making you fat?

Post originally appeared in This   As a high-calorie, fat-rich food, it’s easy to see why weight-conscious individuals may hesitate to snack on nuts. However, closer inspection shows that...