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Getting dads on board to keep kids healthy

A new study has found dads might need a confidence boost to persist with healthy food and drinks for their growing children By the time their baby has turned...


Understanding how food affects your mood

The dreaded sugar crash following your 3.30 sugar pick-me-up, or the post-lunch slump- most of us have faced the effects food can have on our mood and body function....


Are nuts making you fat?

Post originally appeared in This   As a high-calorie, fat-rich food, it’s easy to see why weight-conscious individuals may hesitate to snack on nuts. However, closer inspection shows that...


ASD and children’s bone growth: a new perspective

  All the experts agree – we need to get children moving more, and sitting less. But what happens when a child’s social anxiety, their awkward social interactions or...


Only 7% of Australians are healthy

Post originally appeared on this.  A recent study conducted by researchers at Deakin University has found that by using what researchers have labelled a Health Behaviour Score (HBS), only 7% of...


Is it okay to skip breakfast?

Post originally appeared on this. Many of us make no secret of the fact we skip breakfast. During the week, do you rush out the door and into your...


Why you eat unhealthy food when you’re stressed

Post originally appeared on this. Understanding and managing your daily stress can help you to maintain better health – and manage your waistline. Whether you’re feeling stressed about work,...