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Your tendency to overindulge these holidays could relate to your ‘eating personality’. Which type are you?

Holidays are a time when lots of us tend to overindulge in food and drink, and many people gain weight. Dr Georgie Russell and Emeritus Professor Alan Russell explain how understanding your 'eating personality' can help avoid overindulgence over the festive season.


How to deal with hangry kids and reduce the chances of it happening again – 3 tips from nutrition experts

Like adults, children can get “hangry” – a combination of angry and hungry. IPAN childhood nutrition experts shared some insights on when hangriness attacks for The Conversation.


It’s not ‘amount’ but ‘type’ of fat that makes a difference to the scales

A new study looking at the types of fat people eat has shown that those who consume more so-called 'healthy fats' are less likely to put on weight than those who eat unhealthy fats, despite eating the same number of kilojoules.

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Turn your snack habits around

Working from home in lockdowns means we're in easy reach of snacks throughout the day. IPAN's Dr Rebecca Leech shares some insights into how to set up healthy snacking habits.


Combining lifestyle behaviours to explore obesity risk in school-aged children

Studying the combined impact of different lifestyle behaviours of children could be the key to a better understanding of overweight and obesity.


What type of breakfast person are you?

New research has identified five breakfast personalities among the national population in findings that could promote healthier food choices in the Australian diet.

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The nutrition transition – understanding the diets of Iranian adults

IPAN PhD student Sara Ebrahimi is aiming to understand the dietary patterns in Iranian households. Here, she explains some of her recent published findings.