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How does exercise training reduce pain?

We’re often told that exercise is good therapy for chronic pain. While evidence shows this to be true, a new study by IPAN researchers has revealed surprising findings about placebo treatments.


Why are males still the default subjects in medical research?

Women and girls account for 50% of the population, yet most health and physiology research is conducted in males.

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Preventing falls in older adults

Evidence shows that exercise and nutrition interventions can manage the risk of older adults suffering falls. IPAN experts explain how.


Do naturally high testosterone levels equal stronger female athletic performance? Not necessarily

New IPAN-led research casts doubt on the rules preventing female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels from competing in some track events - Associate Professor Severine Lamon explains for The Conversation.

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App based exercise becomes answer to fitness woes during lockdown

A national study into how people maintained their physical activity during last year's pandemic restrictions has revealed digital platforms are an effective way to help people stay fit when access to other forms of organised exercise is restricted.

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Physical activity and nutrition for better management and prevention of cancer

Cancer is one of the world’s most common chronic diseases, and research into its prevention and management is an important research priority for IPAN. On World Cancer Day this 4 February, we’re highlighting some of the different approaches IPAN researchers are investigating, using physical activity and nutrition for the prevention and management of cancer.