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How to deal with hangry kids and reduce the chances of it happening again – 3 tips from nutrition experts

Like adults, children can get “hangry” – a combination of angry and hungry. IPAN childhood nutrition experts shared some insights on when hangriness attacks for The Conversation.


Time for a tech break?

Don’t let your phone dominate your life. Here are five good reasons to switch off on the National Day of Unplugging this Friday, 4 March.


There’s more to a bad back than a damaged spine, new research says

A study into the causes of back pain has found that depression and anxiety play a greater role in this poorly understood condition than first thought.

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Getting the balance right to manage stress

Most people know that too much stress can have detrimental impacts on your health, but new Deakin research shows how you react to stress is also worth considering. 


Healthy body for a healthy mind – taking care of your mental health in self isolation

Keeping up physical activity is even more important for improving and maintaining mental health during COVID 19 restrictions, says Dr Megan Teychenne.


Understanding how food affects your mood

Dr Rachelle Opie, research fellow at the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and a member of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), said the idea that a highly processed, non-nutritive diet increases depressive symptoms already has some science behind it.


Exercising after you have a baby: tips for better mental health

Deakin researchers are removing common barriers to exercise and providing 24/7 advice and motivation to help new mums be more active and support their mental health.


Are nuts making you fat?

As a high-calorie, fat-rich food, it’s easy to see why weight-conscious individuals may hesitate to snack on nuts. However, closer inspection shows that nuts are not only energy and nutrient-dense powerhouses, but they can also help you control your weight.


Why you eat unhealthy food when you’re stressed

Understanding and managing your daily stress can help you to maintain better health – and manage your waistline.