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Experts sound alarm on ‘predatory’ and ‘exploitative’ baby formula industry

As part of a special three-paper series published in The Lancet, Dr Phillip Baker argues that baby milk formula companies are exploiting parents' emotions to generate sales.

Research news

My Baby Now App

A new app helping parents and caregivers cut through conflicting information.


Influences on physical activity and screen time among new mums at risk of depression

What stops mums at risk of postnatal depression from being physically active and limiting screen time? IPAN researchers have explored these influences and tell us how new mums can be more active to improve their mental health.


INFANT grows with new funding for enhancing scale-up across Victoria

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is providing funding to IPAN to enhance implementation of INFANT across Victoria in 2021.

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Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy shown to impact the health of both mothers and babies in developing countries

The health of women during pregnancy impacts not only her pregnancy outcomes and birth experience, but it is critical for the health of her baby in both the immediate and the long term.


Exercising after you have a baby: tips for better mental health

Deakin researchers are removing common barriers to exercise and providing 24/7 advice and motivation to help new mums be more active and support their mental health.