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High protein intake in babies linked to obesity in childhood

Feeding children too much protein when they are babies can increase their chance of being overweight when they reach primary school age, new studies have confirmed.

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Five ways to cut out ultra-processed foods to improve your health

Do you really know how much of the food you eat is ultra-processed? Here’s how to tell if a food is ultra-processed and why these foods should be avoided.


The nutrition transition – understanding the diets of Iranian adults

IPAN PhD student Sara Ebrahimi is aiming to understand the dietary patterns in Iranian households. Here, she explains some of her recent published findings.


Australian-first study confirms ultra-processed food link to obesity

The findings of an Australian-first study suggests many Australians are unwittingly eating their way to chronic ill-health by choosing ultra-processed foods that are often wrongly marketed as healthy.

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IPAN’s Dr Katherine Livingstone recognised as a Victorian Young Tall Poppy

IPAN’s Dr Katherine Livingstone is one of three Deakin researchers to be recognised as a Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award winner.

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Only 7% of Australians are healthy

Post originally appeared on this.  A recent study conducted by researchers at Deakin University has found that by using what researchers have labelled a Health Behaviour Score (HBS), only 7% of...