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Active breaks help children think better and manage their behaviour

In a world first finding, Deakin researchers have discovered that short active breaks in the classroom improve children’s brain functioning and impulse control.

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Combining lifestyle behaviours to explore obesity risk in school-aged children

Studying the combined impact of different lifestyle behaviours of children could be the key to a better understanding of overweight and obesity.


Influences on physical activity and screen time among new mums at risk of depression

What stops mums at risk of postnatal depression from being physically active and limiting screen time? IPAN researchers have explored these influences and tell us how new mums can be more active to improve their mental health.


New study shows active breaks in the classroom benefit children with intellectual disabilities

Classroom-based active breaks can increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behaviour, and may also benefit the working memory of children with intellectual disability, new IPAN research shows.

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Do naturally high testosterone levels equal stronger female athletic performance? Not necessarily

New IPAN-led research casts doubt on the rules preventing female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels from competing in some track events – Associate Professor Severine Lamon explains for The Conversation.

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Small but mighty: The importance of the microvasculature for exercise and metabolism

The smallest blood vessels in our body, often called the microvasculature, are just as important as larger arteries or the heart when it comes to maintaining health and preventing conditions such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


App based exercise becomes answer to fitness woes during lockdown

A national study into how people maintained their physical activity during last year’s pandemic restrictions has revealed digital platforms are an effective way to help people stay fit when access to other forms of organised exercise is restricted.

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Physical activity and nutrition for better management and prevention of cancer

Cancer is one of the world’s most common chronic diseases, and research into its prevention and management is an important research priority for IPAN.
On World Cancer Day this 4 February, we’re highlighting some of the different approaches IPAN researchers are investigating, using physical activity and nutrition for the prevention and management of cancer.


INFANT grows with new funding for enhancing scale-up across Victoria

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is providing funding to IPAN to enhance implementation of INFANT across Victoria in 2021.

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Kids spend nearly three-quarters of their school day sitting. Here’s how to get them moving — during lessons

Regular physical activity is linked to improvements in physical and mental health including anxiety and depression. It can also improve cognitive functioning such as attention and memory, and academic achievement in children.

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