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How to deal with hangry kids and reduce the chances of it happening again – 3 tips from nutrition experts

Like adults, children can get “hangry” – a combination of angry and hungry. IPAN childhood nutrition experts shared some insights on when hangriness attacks for The Conversation.


Time for a tech break?

Don’t let your phone dominate your life. Here are five good reasons to switch off on the National Day of Unplugging this Friday, 4 March.


Lockdowns meant long hours of screen time and less activity for families

Screen time behaviour among Australian families changed dramatically during last year’s COVID lockdown with children spending almost 27 more hours each week on their screens, a new study has found.

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Influences on physical activity and screen time among new mums at risk of depression

What stops mums at risk of postnatal depression from being physically active and limiting screen time? IPAN researchers have explored these influences and tell us how new mums can be more active to improve their mental health.


App based exercise becomes answer to fitness woes during lockdown

A national study into how people maintained their physical activity during last year's pandemic restrictions has revealed digital platforms are an effective way to help people stay fit when access to other forms of organised exercise is restricted.

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Back to school: managing screen time at home

Our kids are more connected than ever before, with smartphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops an increasing part of everyday life. But too much screen time can have a negative impact on  children’s physical and psychosocial health and wellbeing, as well as their academic outcomes. Here are some ideas to help manage your family's screen time.