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Lifting the lid on ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods (UPFs) are dominating our diets – but what does that term actually mean? Through her research, Dr Priscila Machado will develop recommendations on how to best communicate about UPFs to consumers.


Why is toddler milk so popular? Follow the money

Toddler milk is popular and becoming more so. Dr Jennifer McCann and colleagues explain its appeal and why it's a problem.


Experts sound alarm on ‘predatory’ and ‘exploitative’ baby formula industry

As part of a special three-paper series published in The Lancet, Dr Phillip Baker argues that baby milk formula companies are exploiting parents' emotions to generate sales.

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8 everyday foods you might not realise are ultra processed – and how to spot them

Ultra-processed is not just another name for junk – although foods like soft drinks, confectionery and chips are ultra-processed. There are many packaged foods we’d normally consider healthy that are ultra-processed.


Dairy aisle in a supermarket

Misleading food labels contribute to babies and toddlers eating too much sugar. 3 things parents can do

Research shows that Australian infants and toddlers are eating unhealthy amounts of sugar.


Is fake meat healthy? And what’s actually in it?

The popularity of plant-based proteins, or “fake meat”, has increased in recent years as consumers look to eat fewer animal products. In fact, plant-based protein is projected to be a A$3 billion opportunity for Australia by 2030. Many consumers believe these fake meats are better for their health, as well as better for the environment, but is that right?


Food and drinks are getting sweeter. Even if it’s not all sugar, it’s bad for our health

New IPAN research shows the amount of added sugars and non-nutritive sweeteners in packaged foods and drinks has grown a lot over the last decade, which is leading to a broad range of consequences, as our experts explain in The Conversation.


Five ways to cut out ultra-processed foods to improve your health

Do you really know how much of the food you eat is ultra-processed? Here's how to tell if a food is ultra-processed and why these foods should be avoided.


IPAN study finds many packaged toddler foods could be classified as junk food

Manufacturers of toddler foods are potentially misleading Australian parents by marketing their products as 'healthy', as a new study shows many products specifically formulated for young children are simply ultra-processed junk foods.

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Australian-first study confirms ultra-processed food link to obesity

The findings of an Australian-first study suggests many Australians are unwittingly eating their way to chronic ill-health by choosing ultra-processed foods that are often wrongly marketed as healthy.

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The rise of ultra-processed foods and why they’re really bad for our health

Many traditional foods used in cooking today are processed in some way, such as grains, cheeses, dried fish and fermented vegetables, but processing itself is not the problem.

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